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Electronic Patient Observations - Tablet App

NHS-tablet app

As an extension to our BIMS in-patient management and electronic patient records (EPR) system, we developed an app for use on an existing handheld device for collecting patient observations data (“e-obs”).


Nurses are able to select the ward they are working in and visit patients in turn to record their observations, using simple rating scales and data entry.


The app is fully integrated with the core patient database, so the observations data is fed back into the patient history in the EPR. The app also flagged up when observations were becoming due for recording and would turn red if they became overdue.


The project was implemented successfully against a very tight timescale, which was required in order to secure the funding for the project.

“Now that the patient management system has been operational for some time at the Lister and QEII hospitals, the benefits are really starting to emerge. In fact, the staff who originally resisted the system now threaten death if it goes offline!"
Teri-ann Grange I.T. Projects Manager East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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