BIMS - System Features

The Blueberry In-Patient Management System is a simple web-based application to help ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a hospital. BIMS makes the daily process of patient and bed management easier, improves staff efficiency by saving time and helps management meet hospital performance targets.

Emergency Department (ED) Functions

  • Provides a complete view of the status of bed management.
  • At-a-glance view of patient waiting times to improve the throughput from A&E.
  • Comprehensive search by patient and department.
  • Quick one-click access to patient details.
  • Visual time tracking of patients through ED using a foolproof traffic light system.
  • “Search” filter to find patients.
  • Transfer a patient to a different department within ED or “Discharge Patient”.
  • Option to add patients manually to ED if PAS (Patient Administration System) is down.
  • Display patients breached / not breached. Option to enter more data or amend discharge time.
  • Create patient TTO (To Take Out) prescription
  • Create patient discharge letter. Save as draft or final version, or print and send the letter.

Ward Functions

  • Colour-code bed allocation system for patient arrivals or transfer and priority planning.
  • Edit patient details on screen.
  • Drag and Drop system to transfer a patient to a different bed.
  • Create or edit patient TTO prescription.
  • Create patient discharge letter. Save as draft, preview or final version, or print and send.

Bed Management

  • View requests for bed allocation – urgent, pending, repats, electives and ward movers.
  • View current bed occupancies for each ward, with accompanying statistics on sex of patient and other requirements.
  • Option to allocate patients to free or to currently occupied beds and to manually add a patient to the system.


Prescription of controlled drugs using an electronic TTO, in adherence and compliance with legislation. Complete dose information can be entered on the system, including quantity, route, frequency, duration and notes.

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