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Blueberry Health is a software development company specialising in the health sector.

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Our Software Services

We provide a full range of Bespoke Software Development and Technical Consultancy Services for healthcare organisations, and we work with HL7, ICD-10, and DMD technical healthcare standards.

  • Progressive Web Applications for Healthcare
  • Bespoke Web & Online Application Development
  • Mobile Apps for Healthcare
  • Database Applications & Systems
  • Seamless Integration Across Devices & Platforms
  • Technical Consultancy & Managed Software Projects

Our Expertise

Looking for IT expertise? You’ve found the right people…


Entrepreneurial Health Software

Blueberry is an expert developer of entrepreneurial applications for the healthcare sector. As a company, Blueberry has over 20 years’ experience in helping entrepreneurs build market-winning software, including big investor-backed start-up projects. These include Pharmax, bought out by United Drug in 2017; and Dimec acquired in 2018 by the Co-op in a multi-million pound deal.

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Bespoke Web & Online App Development

Creating a bespoke Web application or online system is a significant software development project requiring careful management. Blueberry has extensive experience of developing enterprise-quality databases and backend infrastructure. Our expertise includes Microsoft IIS, .NET Core, MS SQL Server, JavaScript and responsive web development.


Database Applications & Information Systems

Any organisation that relies on information to streamline workflow and optimise efficiency will require a database system that is accessible to the right people throughout the organisation. Blueberry Health can create a custom application to deliver the information you need directly to a PC, or we can create a web-based application, so that the information is delivered via a web browser, accessible to only the users permitted access.


Cross-Platform Applications for Windows, Linux or Mac

Blueberry Health has proven expertise in developing a single program which operates on multiple operating systems, typically including Windows, Linux and Mac.


Technical Consultancy & Managed Software Projects

We provide hospitals and NHS trusts with impartial advice on how to structure software projects, and on the appropriate technical architecture for a new system. We can also help in situations where the communication between management and technical staff is not working correctly, or needs that extra clarity.


Mobile Apps Expertise

Our technical expertise includes creating mobile apps for heathcare applications on leading mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Android. With our skills in Web and client-server development, we can also design a complete system that integrates external staff and hospital workers.

What Our Clients Say

If you require a customisable ‘off-the-shelf’ product or solution to improve Patient Flow Management in your hospital or healthcare organisation, we’re the right people to talk to – just take a look at our Products page for our full range.

If your requirement is more unique and unlikely to exist as an off-the-shelf product, we’re definitely the right people to talk to: in over a decade of creating bespoke software systems, we’ve always delivered on a project. What’s more, we pride ourselves on bringing a project in on time and budget.

As a division of Blueberry Consultants, Blueberry Health has a team of specialists with extremely strong technical skills and practical experience in software development across a wide range of industries – from healthcare to aerospace – allowing us to find innovative solutions that another consultancy may not have considered.

So whether you have a requirement for bespoke software or a customisable product to improve Patient Flow Management in your hospital or healthcare organisation, please call us!

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