DIMEC Pharmacy App

DIMEC Pharmacy App

NHS Repeat Prescription App

Dimec-pharmacy case study

1 developer, 1 manager

Ionic Framework, BBWT

Blueberry has helped DIMEC Pharmacy build a mobile app that addresses a need by patients to obtain their prescription medication quickly, cheaply and more conveniently than is currently possible.
The NHS repeat prescription app integrates with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and is easy to understand and use, secure and reliable.
The DIMEC Pharmacy app:
  • Works seamlessly across all devices.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the NHS Electronic Prescription.
  • Holds a comprehensive database of medicines.
  • Has a modern and clean design which easily guides users through the registration and ordering process.
  • Is available to download free from the App Store.
The NHS repeat prescription app has attracted an overwhelming number of users since its launch as well as fantastic reviews from customers, industry professionals and local media.
The Dimec app (which included multiple IM1 integrations) was subsequently sold to the Co-op by its owners.

In September 2018, the Co-op acquired Dimec in a multi-million pound deal. The Co-op is hoping the purchase will help it to grow into a digital competitor within the £10.5 billion pharmacy market.

“Now that the patient management system has been operational for some time at the Lister and QEII hospitals, the benefits are really starting to emerge. In fact, the staff who originally resisted the system now threaten death if it goes offline!"
Teri-ann Grange I.T. Projects Manager East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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