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Dot2Dot is a software tool to help health authorities trace and isolate people carrying an infectious disease. Authorities that have used our software have reported significant gain in speed of process, leading to a more effective service and lives saved.

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Our Digital Contact Tracing Application Helps Health Authorities Trace and Identify People Carrying Tuberculosis

Current contact tracing is used to help control infectious diseases. It’s the process by which a health authority identifies people who might have been in contact with a person carrying an infectious disease. When combined with isolation of infected individuals, contact tracing can be very effective in containing and stopping a disease outbreak.


Dot2Dot will digitise the manual contact tracing procedures utilised by health professionals, making those processes more efficient and less costly by harnessing AI capabilities and social network tracing to maximise the effectiveness of the process. It will mean more contacts can be traced than through current manual practices, at pace and at a lower cost.


The digital contact tracing app, which is at development stage, will primarily be of use in the war against Tuberculosis, but could help health authorities with other infectious diseases.

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes TB, currently infects one-quarter of the world’s population, with a 5–15% lifetime risk of falling ill from the disease.


The symptoms of active TB disease are very similar to COVID-19 – amongst them, a cough and fever – which may be mild, leading to delays in seeking care, thereby spreading from person to person through the air by coughing or sneezing. A person needs only to inhale a few of the bacterium to become infected.


Current contact tracing for the disease is conducted using paper-based questions to try and establish a history of movements. However, this process is flawed – paper records are error-prone, not centralised, and there is too much dependence on human interpretation.

Dot2Dot can help focus efforts on the most high-risk and vulnerable contacts that otherwise would have been missed. The contact tracing process can also be accelerated by integrating data resources such as Mobile GPS logs, Mobile Phone Logs, Bank Details.

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