Our Bespoke Software Integrates With NHS Systems

Blueberry Health has detailed knowledge of technical healthcare standards, such as HL7, ICD 10, DMD, and we have implemented systems which integrate with PAS.

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Blueberry Health Is the UK's Leading Software Expert on NHS Integration with Online Pharmacies

We provide a full range of software development and technical consultancy services for healthcare organisations. We have expertise with the NHS Digital’s IM1 GPSoC programme and we create software that interfaces with the principal clinical systems developed by their accredited partners.

  • We've created solutions which are hosted within the Health and Social Care Network and can integrate with nhs.net e-mail systems.
  • Our apps work seamlessly across all devices and integrate with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.
  • We provide custom database systems to store information securely - from medicines to staffing systems.
  • All our software is designed to integrate with other healthcare data sources, such as PAS, GP address data and drugs databases.

Our Compliant Software

Examples of our Bespoke Software for the Healthcare Sector

What Our Clients Say

There are many technical hurdles involved in developing robust, secure and compliant mobile apps for the healthcare industry that require NHS integration. We’ve extensive knowledge of the technical requirements in healthcare applications, and we work with HL7, ICD-10, and DMD technical healthcare standards.

When we required, we work in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and universities to design and develop our healthcare apps.
Our technical expertise includes creating mobile healthcare applications on leading mobile platforms, such as iPhone and Google’s Android platform. With our skills in web and client-server development, we can design a complete system that integrates external staff and hospital workers.

If you have a requirement for a mobile application build to healthcare standards, please call us.

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