NHS Integration

Our Bespoke Software Integrates With NHS Systems

Blueberry Health has detailed knowledge of technical healthcare standards, such as HL7, ICD-10, DMD, and we have implemented systems which integrate with PAS.

Pharmacy integration

Blueberry Health Is the UK's Leading Software Expert on Supporting Online Pharmacies

We provide a full range of software development and technical consultancy services for healthcare organisations. We have expertise with the NHS Digital’s IM1 GPSoC programme and we create software that interfaces with the principal clinical systems developed by their accredited partners.

  • We've created solutions which are hosted within the NHS N3 network and can integrate with nhs.net e-mail systems.
  • Our apps work seamlessly across all devices and integrate with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.
  • We provide custom database systems to store information securely - from medicines to staffing systems.
  • All our software is designed to integrate with other healthcare data sources, such as PAS, GP address data and drugs databases.
Mobile app
Our Compliant Software

Examples of our Bespoke Software for the Healthcare Sector

Repeat Prescription App

repeat prescriptions
An NHS repeat prescription app that integrates with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and is easy to understand and use, secure and reliable. The Dimec app (which included multiple IM1 integrations) was subsequently sold to the Co-op.

Electronic Patient Records (EPR) System

NHS-tablet app
An electronic patient records (EPR) system for the NHS, which allows nurses to select the ward they are working in and visit patients in turn to record their observations, using simple rating scales and data entry. The app is fully integrated with the core patient database, so the observations data is fed back into the patient history in the EPR.

Booking and Accommodation Management

A bespoke software application for the NHS to enable booking and management of accommodation for members of staff on secondment to a hospital or visiting for a specialist assignment.

Pharmaceutical Products Procurement Platform

A Procurement Platform of Pharmaceutical Products for pharmacists and wholesalers, which provides access to over 10,000 brokered medicinal products, including branded medicinal products, generics, OTC’s and ULM’s - including an interface to receive and process pharmaceutical orders sent by existing pharmacy dispensing software. Pharmax, which was an entrepreneurial project, was subsequently sold to United Drug.

Digital Contact Tracing Application

digital contact tracing
A digital version of the manual contact tracing procedures utilised by health professionals, making those processes more efficient and less costly by harnessing AI capabilities and social network tracing to maximise the effectiveness of the process.

Android Mobile Phone Application For The NHS

NHS Android-app
A mobile phone app to help people lose weight, using a database of 35,000 common food items, which allows the user to record what was eaten throughout the day in a food diary.

What Our Clients Say

All our software is designed to integrate with other healthcare data sources, such as PAS, GP address data and drugs databases. We specialise in software for the NHS GP System of Choice (GPSOC) IM1 interface and the PDS Mini-Spine interface.


Some of our entrepreneurial projects have been acquired by larger companies who saw the value in using the new technology we built into their processes. We’ve also developed software that has been endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). As well as tools for NHS Trusts that improve efficiency and help hospitals meet performance targets – for example our bed management systems, A&E Whiteboards to manage the patient traffic in A&E departments, and systems that provide a way for hospital trusts to benchmark across wards, using a combination of 400 different metrics.


If you have a requirement for bespoke software or a customisable product built to healthcare standards, please call us.