Project Examples

Healthcare Solutions to Improve Patient Care: Recent Projects

Software Development

  • An A&E patient monitoring system which helps to reduce 4 hour breaches, and streamlines the interface to other departments such as X-Ray, Medical Records and Bed Management.
  • A complete hospital in-patient management system for East and North Herts NHS Trust, which included Emergency Department (ED) Functions, Ward Functions, Bed Management, & Prescription Control using an electronic TTO.
  • A product provisioning database system for one of Britain’s leading suppliers of Stoma Care Products, which was required to operate nationally rather than as separate installations at each trust.
  • A video-phone system to help patients with dementia for Newcastle-based healthcare supplier, Connect4Care, which Blueberry designed and implemented from scratch. The system utilises video conference technology to enable Personalised Remote Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, remote medication prompts and a range of Assistive Technology devices to ensure safety and autonomy.
  • Bespoke analysis software for a 3D body scanner to be used as a possible long-term alternative to body mass index (BMI). The software is also the main user interface for the system.
  • A standalone program for an NHS organisation that was using a very large Excel sheet to manage staff utilisation – but the sheet was becoming very slow in use. We analysed the problem and specified a program that was 100 times faster.
  • A Pharmacy app that has addressed a need by patients to obtain their prescription medication quickly, cheaply and more conveniently than is currently possible. The app integrates with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and is easy to understand and use, secure and reliable.

Consultancy Projects

Ward bed management
  • For Healthcare at Home – UK’s leading provider of high-tech home healthcare and speciality pharmacy services – Blueberry performed a requirements analysis to convert a paper-based system to a Web-based system for ordering medicines online. Our detailed document allowed the formal software development process to begin.

  • For the Perinatal Institute in the West Midlands, Blueberry reviewed and provided a summary of proposals and recommendations for an innovative data collection system deployed in a number of Neonatal Units in NHS hospitals around the West Midlands and Trent regions to ensure that the risks associated with the development were identified and minimised.

“Now that the patient management system has been operational for some time at the Lister and QEII hospitals, the benefits are really starting to emerge. In fact, the staff who originally resisted the system now threaten death if it goes offline!"
Teri-ann Grange I.T. Projects Manager East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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